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Camping Trip Essentials

May 8, 2018

Growing up, I went camping a lot. I have so many memories with my family playing baseball with a pinecone, making s’mores and TP’ing each others tents at night. All the things you should do while camping! However, it had been years since I had spent time in the woods and not in a cabin.

Well, on our recent trip to the Grand Canyon, John and I decided to camp! We spend two nights sleeping in a tent and it was great! There were a few essential items we had that made it feel like glamping.

So, what were those items? Well let me share with you!

  • A big tent! I had never stayed in a tent this tall but it was so nice (especially for 6’3″ John) to be able to stand up and walk around in the tent! It felt way less claustrophobic than one you had to crawl through.
  • Folding chairs! Sitting in these around the fire at night and in the shade in the morning was so relaxing and nice.
  • A long dog leash! #OsoTheBearPup is great about staying close and listening to commands so well. But I don’t want to risk that he would get spooked and run off! So, we just kept him tied to a tree while we hung out at the camp site. That way he could roam around with us but not take off away from us!
  • Small propane stove! John made us some gourmet foil dinners to cook over the fire and eat. But this stove came in super handy for eggs and sausage in the morning!
  • Sleeping pad! So the first night we slept on cots with our sleeping bags. It was incredibly comfortable but I go so cold. John even snuck a picture of me all bundled up and sent it to my family to tease me. But the second night, we added a sleeping pad and it kept me way way way warmer. If you’re like me, and always cold when you sleep, get one of these!

The final trick and must have item is one for s’mores. It isn’t camping without eating s’mores. And I like the honey graham crackers and marshmallows (especially jumbo size ones) like everyone else. But instead of regular chocolate, I use this. The added caramel makes it sooooo much better than a standard s’more.

Here are some phone photos from our trip but check out the other ones here!

Have fun camping!






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