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Blush & Grey Wedding Day

Feb 14, 2020

Oh, Nikki and Anthony.

The fact that these two people are so incredibly beautiful on the outside and have hearts of gold to go with is amazing.

I first met Nikki and Anthony when I photographed their engagement session and I immediately knew that they were one of the most stylish couples ever. But their love and affection for each other outshone their beauty!

Their blush and grey wedding day was no different!

Full of style and gorgeous details but, oh, so much love! Their vows had me tearing up behind my camera. Anthony mentioned something in his vows about how being with Nikki is like winning the lottery. Only, winning the lottery happens for people every day and being with her is once in lifetime.

Come on.

They are adorable and fun and know how to throw a party! That dance floor was jam packed all night!

You know I love bright and bold colors (did you see this recent rainbow wedding?!) but this blush and grey wedding day won my heart. It was timeless and romantic and I cannot wait for you to see!

And, just like their engagement, this was shot as a team member for the most amazing group I am apart of, Monique Hessler Weddings.

Oh, and if you thought a certain bridesmaid and groomsman looked familiar, it is cause they do! Megan and Billy were in this wedding and I shot their gorgeous day too!! And now, these two have a beautiful daughter! I cannot wait until the day she gets to look through these pictures and witness her parents love for each other.





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