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Being Your Own Cheerleader..

Apr 3, 2020

So, how many of you have spent your days working from home lately? It’s tough, huh?

As a solo-preneur (my loving term for being an entrepreneur at a self run business of ONE), I know how tough it can be. For years, I have had the luxury of working from home while also dealing with navigating the struggles of it.

And, since many of us are navigating new territory, I thought I could share some tips that may help you.

  • Make Your List/Schedule
    • I’m sure you’ve all seen someone post about their daily quarantine schedule. To be honest, I don’t really work well with that. What works better for me is making a list of tasks instead of a schedule. I list out all the things I need to get done and prioritize them. My list goes from most important to least, that way I don’t feel terrible if I don’t finish the entire list and some things take longer than I planned. Also add in personal things to get done throughout that list so you have little breaks from work.
  • Get Some Sun
    • My desk sits right next to a window, so I love to open the window and get a breeze and fresh air with some sunlight. However, I also live in Arizona. So if it is too hot to do that, then I just open up the curtains and still get some UV. When it is weather permitting, I also love to just go on a little walk around the block or down to check the mail.
  • Schedule Social Time
    • Calling my mom while I eat lunch, texting a friend while I am working on emails.. anything that gets me some connection to others!
  • Clock In & Out
    • Just as if you were working in the office, have a start and stop time when you are working from home! Otherwise, it is easy wake up and jump into work. Or to get sucked into a project and spend the night working on it.
  • Give Yourself Some Grace
    • You’ll have days that you don’t shower or get everything done on your task list. There may be times that you eat junk food all day instead of making yourself something nutritious. That’s okay. Everyone prefers to have a nice boss who is human and understanding, so do that to yourself too!

There you have it! Some of my tips on a successful way to work from home and be your own cheerleader as a solo-preneur. We’re in this together! I also recently shared about the importance of a mentor, that may be something that interests you too.

Hope that helps!





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