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Before Photography | Past Jobs

Apr 9, 2018

We all start somewhere! Before I was a professional photographer and long before I started my own business, I had plenty of other odd jobs. You have to work your way to be where you want! So, to give you a glimpse into my past, I am going to tell you about some of my past jobs.

In high school I followed my sisters footsteps (and used her old work shirts) and got a job at Barros Pizza. I worked here throughout high school! Taking orders and having someone else come up to pour the beer because I was too young. Hey, it’s all part of the job! It was a nice place to work though because it was conveniently located between my house and high school. So I could walk to and from!

Later in high school, once I was a senior with a shorter schedule, I also got a job as a hostess at RA Sushi. Let me tell you, if you want real American sushi, that is the place. I am talking cream cheese, deep fried and a whole lot of sauce and spices. So not authentic but so delicious!

Then there were a few years of working in Florida and Japan, I will get into that next. Once I was back in Arizona after those adventures, I got another part time job! It was mostly just for summers and for the occasional fun to get out of the house and get paid!

That job was working as a musical theatre teacher, creative director and co-director/choreographer for childrens performances! I taught acting and musical classes and summer camps! And worked with one of my best friends as we directed childrens plays of Annie, Sleeping Beauty, Arisocats and Seussical JR! Such a fun time!

Now, what did I do those years in Florida and Japan? Let’s break it down. 

I first moved to Orlando, Florida to be a participant in the Disney College Program internship. I started off working at the attraction Soarin’ Over California. I have always been a Disney fanatic and that is obvious! Check out my past Disney series here on the blog.

It wasn’t long into my internship in the College Program before I got accepted into the Entertainment department! That job was the best! I performed mostly doing character greetings. However, I completely believe in the magic of Disney. So I am not going to spill the beans any more than that 😉

Once my college program was completed, I continued working for the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Now, I was a full time employee! I absolutely loved it there. It was a huge growing experience. An incredible work experience and a magical time all around!

After almost two years in Florida, I then came back to Arizona to see my family for a few weeks and pack up my life to move to Tokyo, Japan.

I originally went to Tokyo to work for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. It ended up being an adventure that lasted just over two years. I performed in many shows and parades. There were experiences like climbing Mt. Fuji, getting my first tattoo, meeting my best friend and about 1,000,000 other things that made my time in Japan some of my most memorable years.

Every time I have friends go to Japan, I beg them to let me plan their trip! Let me tell them all the tourist attractions they must see and which ones to skip. And, of course, tell them all about Tokyo Disney!

Now, I have the real dream job. Working with amazing clients and capturing such cherished memories. It is my art, my passion and I couldn’t be more grateful for this wonderful job of mine!

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