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Self Affirmations

Jan 7, 2019

It all started with Zendaya.

Maybe you saw her in The Greatest Showman (a fantastic movie with my dear friend, Hugh Jackman, who I climbed a mountain with). She was a star! And apparently, also a star of self love and affirmations.

Well, I knew Zendaya from when she was on Dancing With The Stars and have followed her on Instagram for a while now. Recently, she got her wisdom teeth taken out and proceeded to share a lot of the recovery process on her stories.

Why am I blogging about her insta story? Well, it inspired me.

I know this seems strange and sounds a little weird but it is true! She has been an advocate for self love and celebrates herself and her accomplishments regularly. But after her surgery, her head was wrapped up, her face was partially numb and she was taking medication.

She still managed to zoom in, give the camera and wink and caption the video about how she is still cute.


Recently, I shared what some of professional goals for the 2019 are, but what about personal ones? Well I really want to celebrate self love a lot more. And I think that starts with compliments and affirmations to yourself! So, that is what I am going to do.

Celebrate my own self love and the journey I have had with my mental health and shower myself with affirmations and compliments. My wisdom teeth may already be out, but I’m still gonna look in the mirror on a tough day and tell myself how I am “still cute”. Cause if Zendaya does it, we all should!


You cute too 😉





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