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The Girl Behind The Camera (& Computer)

Growing up, my dad was a pilot! So it makes sense that I have an extreme case of wanderlust and always book a window seat on the plane.

There isn't a sweet treat I have tried that I don't like. There really may be a chance that I have not only one sweet tooth but all my teeth are sweet teeth! Does anyone else eat spoonfuls of frosting???

At this point in my career, I have photographed over 200+ weddings... and danced at them all. Specifically when Beyonce is played.

My favorite title is 'Auntie Yaya'.

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And happily ever afters

I Believe in dreams coming true

My previous job was working for Disney and I never imagined another career could be as magical and fulfilling. But let me tell you, as a girl with a camera and a passion, becoming a wedding photographer is a dream come true. I get the chance to photograph real love stories and give people the gift of capturing their most important moments and looking back on those memories for years to come. 

based in az, available to travel anywhere!

I've never seen someone put so much heart and soul into everything they do!

With her with and charm, she is always entertaining. She makes me proud everyday!

Riane exudes joy in everything she does. She is so much fun to be around and absolutely lights up a room! 

Besides capturing moments in the most breathtaking way, Riane instantly make you feel like a lifelong friend. Someone you can trust!

-John, my boyfriend

-Katie, my friend

-Judy, my mom

-Monique, my mentor

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