What To Pack : Travel Beauty Tips

Apr 24, 2018


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Traveling might be my favorite thing to do! There are so many wonderful parts of it. But, there are often difficulties as well. Packing can be a struggle, right? Well here is what I always pack on vacation when it comes to beauty products. So here are the products I use while traveling as my travel beauty tips!

Recently I shared the three things that are always in my carry on suitcase. You can review that post here. But I also shared, for photographers, what tips I have for packing especially when it comes to gear!

Yes, I want to make sure my carry on suitcase is ready. I want to make sure I have the gear I need to photography my trips. But I also want to continue to take care of my skin! That means more than just sunscreen! But I also don’t want to travel with every single item like I am a traveling spa.

So what are the things I always bring on vacation?

  • First of all, make up wipes. I don’t usually wear much makeup, especially on vacation, but I have to make sure it is all off when it is time for bed. You can see my daily makeup routine by watching this video.
  • I also bring my face wash! When I am at home I like to use toner and a few other things, but on vacation it is just makeup wipes and wash to get my skin clean.
  • At home I have a morning, day time and evening moisturizer. But on vacation I just use this oil throughout the trip! It gets the job done and is wonderful.
  • Depending on where I am vacationing, I bring extra SPF too. Winter time up at the cabin means I am layered up and comfy. But beach vacation require lots of sunscreen for me. My mom insisted on it when I was little and it is a habit that has stuck.
  • As far as other toiletries, I bring travel size of the following : toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion!

You can also see what hair products I use and my haircare routine here!

Happy Travels!