Vow Renewal After 15 Years at SoHo 63

Mar 9, 2018

15 years ago, in a Yahoo Chat Room, Nicole and Ryan met. Now, they’ve done a vow renewal for their next 15 years and beyond!

Nicole and Ryan are happily married with two beautiful children! Just a few months ago, they renewed their vows at the beautiful SoHo 63! There are a few reasons this vow renewal was such a beautiful night, let me tell you why.

Nicole is a fellow photographer who I have worked alongside of through Monique Hessler Weddings. She is kind, loving and has been a friend and mentor to me for years now. When SoHo 63 wanted a real couple to do their mock ceremony at their Untypical Open House event, I was thrilled to find it would be Nicole as the bride!

She and Ryan don’t have a lot of wedding photos and after 15 years, the styles have changed! This time around, she was able to get all done up and wore a beautiful gown. They shared a cake with their family of four. Their boys got to watch them read promises to each other during their vow renewal and they got the photos they’ve always wanted! What a beautiful and perfect evening celebrating the love of these two.

Reminiscing on their past years together, reassuring their vows for the future and holding hands under the twinkling lights. What a beautiful way to say “I Still Do”.
Here’s to the next 15 years!

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