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Feb 5, 2018


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If you have spent more than five minutes in my car, you know I like musical theatre. I love every broadway show I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot!) and musicals are my favorite thing! I studied musical theatre, have performed in lots of shows. As a kid, I loved singing along to Disney movies and watching The Wizard of Oz and West Side Story. As I grew up, I started performing in these shows myself. Grease, Footloose, Chicago and A Chorus Line are some of my favorites that I’ve been able to perform in. Now, I recently did a trip to New York and saw 8 Broadway shows in only 5 days.

Yes, you read that last sentence right. In 5 days, one of my best friends Katie and I saw 8 Broadway shows. Small detour, if you don’t follow Katie’s business, siftbakehouse az, on instagram then you are depriving yourself. Sweet treats are the best. Now, this blog post is going to be a list of all the shows, in the order we saw them, and my reviews!

  • School of Rock : We arrived into NYC early Wednesday morning after taking the red eye. When we were taking a nap in the lobby of our hotel/hostel and got the alert that we won the lottery for School of Rock, we were wide awake! How exciting! Well, they ended up being the most fantastic seats. FRONT ROW. And what a show!! All of the performers play their instruments and these kids know how to ROCK. It was such a fun show! So many witty moments and such incredible talent of all ages. I would absolutely recommend this Broadway show as one for a fun night out that everyone would enjoy.
  • Miss Saigon : This Broadway production is one of epic proportion. The giant ballads and score, the huge and infamous set and the talent that comes along with it. This is an incredibly long show, which I was expecting since it is from the many of the same creators of Les Miserable. It is an emotional show too, but it was great. We have wonderful 6th row center orchestra seats and the cast was amazing. Specially the actor,┬áJon Jon Briones, who played The Engineer. He was the stand out performer for me! Overall, a wonderful show. Definitely something that people into history, emotional ballads and intense shows would love.
  • Come From Away : Holy Cow. I don’t know where to begin. I had heard bits and pieces about this show during Tony season. How it is unique, the music is different and very original. I honestly didn’t pay much attention. My friend, Katie, was really wanting to see this and I am so thrilled we did. It was one of the best pieces of art I have ever seen. I say pieces of art because every aspect of it was a performance worthy of praise in itself. The written score, the energy of the band on stage, the way the actors all played multiple character. The staging! The subtly of costumes and accents. The way you could go so seamlessly from pure ecstasy and joy to utter heartbreak and sadness within one song. We waited around at the stage door to meet the cast after this show and just praise them for sharing this piece of work. It is a truly incredible! I would recommend this to anyone who loves true stories that are uplifting and powerful while still being so raw, real and sad. And┬áJenn Colella has got to be one of the kindest and most talented humans to exist. Me and The Sky is something I have listened to 1,000 times since this trip.
  • Dear Evan Hansen : Again, we somehow scored amazing seats. They were last minute seats through Stub Hub and we ran to the theatre with so much excitement! I’ve listened to the Original Broadway Cast album many times and it is well known for Ben Platt’s performance, as much as I would’ve loved to have seen him in the title role, we saw Noah Galvin. Well, Noah took my expectations and exceeded them greatly. Though I was honestly expecting a little more from the show, just because of all the hype and excitement surrounding it, it was still absolutely wonderful. And it discusses issues like suicide, anxiety and mental health in a way that I wish was more apparent in everyday conversation. I would 100% recommend this show!
  • Hamilton : Where to begin? First of all, I recognize that I am apart of an elite group who has previous seen this Broadway product. John and I saw it this last summer. It did not disappoint then and it didn’t now. The intricacy and detail is unreal. How Lin-Manuel Miranda can have such genius in his brain, I don’t know. But it goes so far beyond his vision and creation. Each person on that stage and behind it brings that vision to life in such a moving way. The best way I can describe the experience of seeing Hamilton : An American Musical, is this… It is the shortest three hours of my life. By the time it was over, I wanted it to start again. Just as I listened to the soundtrack over and over, and still do, I could watch the show over and over in the same way. What a work of genius.
  • The Play That Goes Wrong : Personally, this was my least favorite, but not because it isn’t funny! It definitely is, and the cast did an incredible job. Honestly, it just wasn’t my taste in humor. The audience was a completely full house on the night we went and I have never heard such a reactive, hysterical audience at a show before! The essential idea of the show is that you are watching a play within a play where everything goes wrong. There are so many jokes within it that I found hilarious but overall it is very much slap stick comedy. Think the three stooges go to Broadway. If that is your cup of tea, you would love this play! Everything does go wrong but in its own right way.
  • Wicked : Again, this isn’t the first time I have seen this show. The reason Katie and I went this time around is because we won the lottery! How can you pass up great cheap tickets?! This show is Broadway show is one I have always loved and continue to be amazed by all the parts. I have seen it on your multiple times, Broadway and even in Japan. To see the set, costumes and choreography all work together with the music and actors to tell a story is great. Plus, like I said earlier, I grew up on The Wizard of Oz.
  • Waitress : The best way to end our trip! Jason Mraz (who we waited to meet after the show) was playing the starring role and Sara Bareilles came our at curtain call to sing a few songs cut from the show with the cast. What a cool experience! We scored phenomenal seats to this one and ate some apple pie while waiting for the show to begin. I can say without a doubt that since seeing this show, I have listened to it more than any of the others. Sugar. Butter. Flour. Gosh, the power of these peoples vocals are amazing!! We saw Stephanie Torns in the role of Jenna and this is the compliment Katie and I discussed after. It is like she has sang those songs every day to prepare for them and their difficulty, yet it is like she has never sang a day in her life and has the healthiest, most naturally beautiful voice ever. I was blown away!


There are easily 8 more shows I want to go see ASAP! Until then, you can find me singing in the car, in the shower, at my desk.. constantly