Second Shooter Checklist For Wedding Photographers

May 2, 2018


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There have been a lot of weddings that I have second shot, it is how I got my start into the wedding industry. And there have been a lot of different photographers I have had as a second shooter for me! Well, it is different each time you work with someone new.

So here I am to let you know about what I do to keep the work consistent and the communication clear with my second shooters! I send this checklist to this. It has information, examples and gives a clear description of their responsibilities when photographing a wedding day as the second shooter.

Second shooters are incredibly important! Their job is to do what the lead photographer needs and will be most helpful to the overall outcome of the photos for the clients sake.

So if that means the second shooter is photographing important moments, that’s great! Or if it means that they are fixing the brides train and gather bridal party members, that’s just as helpful! Sometimes it is about photographing the moments that the lead cannot grab and sometimes it isn’t about photographing anything at all.

Having a strong second shooter that knows my style of shooting and how I handle situations is incredibly important to me! This guide has helped me to make sure that every moment of the wedding day gets captured and that no matter if I have worked with my second shooter only once before or for the tenth time, it is consistent!

Download my free guide here!

Happy shooting!



  1. Justin

    May 8th, 2018 at 4:57 am

    Incredible photos every single one of these!