Romantic Tucson Wedding

May 4, 2018

There have been countless weddings I have photographed with the team of Monique Hessler Weddings, but this one was special. They truly are all special in their own way. Each couple has a different story, a different connection and a unique day. But this romantic Tucson wedding takes the cake.

Why? Well the bride is Monique’s cousin! That’s right. Beauty runs in the family, inside and out. Jess was not only an absolutely stunning bride but she was so laid back and mellow throughout the entire day.

She and Zach make a perfect pair. We hardly even had to pose these two! Just small tweaks here and there for lighting purposes but they are so natural and candid and comfortable! And when it comes to photos, that shows!

Traveling down to Tucson, Arizona to photograph their wedding was well worth the drive. I mean, just see for yourself! 

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