The Rebranding Launch Of Riane Roberts

Mar 1, 2017

Well, it is finally here. The rebranding launch!

I started Riane Roberts Photography while living in Chicago and have been so fortunate to see the amount of growth in the last few years. There have been so many wonderful weddings, new friends and experiences and lots of learning. Throughout this process I have realized what kind of business I want to be and how I want to represent my brand in the world.

I believe that when you are the face of a business, like I am for mine, it needs to be a true representation of yourself. I have definitely done this from the beginning but where I went wrong is I was only showing one side of myself. The bright, airy, light and romantic side. That is absolutely a part of me but there is so much more.

There are far more prominent things about my life and personality too that I was robbing my clients and followers from learning about. That is why I decided to do this rebranding.

You have all grown with me, supported me and loved me along this journey and I am forever grateful. Grateful to be a wedding photographer, for sure! To have such encouragement in running my own business. You all have stuck it out through this entire ride and I want to show you all the best representation of myself! So, here it is. The new Riane Roberts brand.

I love bright and clean and colorful things. Equally as much, I love black and white things that are dark and moody. Sometimes I listen to show tunes, rap, jazz, classic rock and everything in between. There isn’t a Disney movie I have ever seen that I don’t love and I love a thriller that will scare me! I want to spend a week in a cabin in the woods and another on a boat in the ocean! I love the feeling of small town charm and the hustle of the big city.

There are so many sides to me, as I am sure there are for you too. So I promise to remain honest, authentic and real with you! Hopefully there is something you find that you can identify with and share with me!

I cannot wait to share this experience with you.


I have to give a HUGE thank you and shout out to the amazing vendors that made this shoot possible. They took my vision and plan and made it even better than I ever imagined.