In My Purse | The Essentials!

Mar 19, 2018


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I used to never carry a purse. It’s true! When I was working as a performer, I had a big ol’ work bag I carried around full of all kinds of crap! Well, now when I am not shooting and carrying my gear, I just need my daily purse essentials. So, what is in my purse? Well I’m glad you asked!

There are a few things I absolutely cannot leave the house without! When I do, it throws a wrench into my whole day. So these are the things you can find in my purse 100% of the time. Now, sometimes I definitely need to spend some time cleaning out my purse.

On the other end, sometimes I need things that I can’t find even deep down in my Mary Poppins bags. (Sidebar : who is SO excited for that new movie?!) So, today I am just going to show you the things that I have on me AT. ALL. TIMES. No exceptions!

  • Chapstick! Specifically a flavored Burts Bees one. Any flavor will do! I just don’t like mint, pepper mint or classic ones. But grapefruit, mango, coconut & pear and pomegranate are some of my absolute favorites. They’re so moisturizing and I use chapstick multiple times a day!
  • Sunglasses! I used to have a lot of different cheap pairs but almost four years ago I bought a pair of classic wayfarer Ray Bans and have never looked back. They’re kept in their case to prevent scratches, I clean them off all the time and absolutely love them. And as much as I love overcast days as a photographer, my eyes tend to get even more sensitive then. So Ray Bans are always on me!
  • My Planner! Oh, Erin Condren. My savior!! Everything has to be written down! I can use my phone but I guarantee you that if I don’t write it in my planner, I won’t remember it. There is going to be an entire blog post on my Erin Condren planner coming up soon because it is the best purchase I have made! It keeps me so organized both personally and professionally!
  • To-Do List & Pen! I more so use this as a scratch pad of little things to remember, add to my planner later or do when I get home. But I always have a little something to scribble on!

Now you know! What are your must have items?