The Greatest City In The World | NYC 2017

Jul 31, 2017

Yes, you read that right. The greatest city in the world. If you can’t tell, I have a huge place in my heart for NYC. I have had a romanticized infatuation of the city since I was 15 and first experienced the big apple! The hustle and bustle, speed, noise, all of it! I thrive there. John always gets a bit of a laugh out of me skipping down the street and singing while we walk past strangers. I can’t help it, New York is my favorite city in the world.

Well this last week, John and I took a much needed vacation. This was planned months ago because I got tickets to see Hamilton. WHAT?! Yeah! Hamilton on Broadway. The room where it happens. We. Were. There. I have listened to this soundtrack 100 times (maybe more) and to say I am obsessed is putting it lightly. I like to think my alter ego is Hercules Mulligan, I cry every time Eliza sings ‘Burn’ and I have every word of Lafayette’s raps down to a T. Well, I can say that the cast and crew in New York completed lived up to my expectations.

We jam packed our trip to NYC and utilized all the time we had there. So here are a list of things we did and totally recommend for those of you going to the big apple anytime soon!

  • We stayed at The William Hotel. It was the perfect location for us! Walking distance to Broadway, close to Grand Central and Bryant Park and nice and quiet and dark rooms. There was also a bar at the hotel called Raines Law Room, which was awesome.
  • John and I have both been to the city before but we had never been to Grand Central. This time, we walked around and rode the metro from there.
  • We attended a Yankees game at the new Yankee Stadium and it was awesome! With seats right behind home plate and way up high, we could see everything. The energy of Yankee fans is incredible!
  • For my birthday back in March, John got us tickets to go see Anastasia on Broadway too! The set and theatrical elements of it were amazing. Plus, our seats were the best seats I have ever had to a Broadway show!
  • We walked all through the Museum of Natural History! It was a little crowded while we were there (that’s what we get for going on a Saturday) but it was beautiful and educational. Plus, dinosaurs. Need I say more?
  • Walking through Bryant Park, playing a few games in the nice weather, and finishing our stroll with a walk through the New York Public Library was a highlight of the trip. I could spend all day sitting in the park and people watching.
  • This trip we also toured Radio City Musical Hall. All I could think about was that I could’ve walked past the same seat Lin Manuel Miranda sat in at the Tony’s. I can’t help it, I was just really excited for Hamilton.
  • Black Tap. We went to the midtown location and waited in the long line outside. WORTH IT! Our milkshakes were unlike any other desert I have had!
  • Walking the High-Line was something many people recommended to us and I am so glad we did it. Not only did we see a tapping of Law & Order SVU on our way to the high-line, but it was a beautiful walk. And we ended it by going through the Chelsea Market!
  • As you know, Hamilton was the main part of this trip. So I planned a few other A. Ham inspired things. Like going to Trinity Church! We saw the burial sites for Alexander and Eliza Hamilton and Angelica Schuyler. She’s buried in Trinity Church near you was my anthem for this part of the trip.
  • Our final dinner in NYC was thanks for Restaurant Week. We splurged at Capital Grille in the Chrysler Center and I am still feeling full from it.

Second to Hamilton, the other highlight was a small photo shoot. I somehow convinced John to go to Dumbo, Brooklyn and get photos taken! After brunch, we met up with a friend of mine I haven’t seen in 7 years! Krista and I worked together in Florida and she is a very talented photographer. She has posted a sneak of one of our photos and I will definitely be sharing them all soon!! I cannot thank her enough!

Last year, we spent our summer vacation in Coronado. Both are amazing places that I can’t wait to go back to! There was even more that we did while in New York City, but I think this is a good starting point for the list of things to do.

NNYYCCCCC, just got here this morning. And a few cell phone pics for you too..

Oh, NYC, I love you.