Fundamentals of Photography, AGAIN!

Oct 4, 2017

Well, it is happening. Another Fundamentals of Photography Workshop. The first workshop went so well and all the attendees were raving about their experience and new knowledge!

Some of the attendees had never used a DSLR, didn’t know any photography terminology and are hoping to buy a camera this year. Other attendees are already running their own photography business but wanting to take their photos to the next level! All of them got tons of information to make their camera work for them and bring their vision to life.

So that is why I have decided to host another workshop! It will be all the same content, even a little more, and beneficial for anyone with an interest in shooting a camera in manual. Here are the details :

What: Fundamentals of Photography Workshop

When: Sunday December 3rd 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Where: Bloom & Blueprint in Phoenix, Arizona

We will go over everything listed below in full detail to give you a strong foundation for taking ideal photos. Then we will add on with skills to take your photos to the next level!

  • Terminology and Definitions.
    • We will cover the big scary words that you need to know like aperture, ISO, shutter speed, depth of field, OCF and more. What do these words mean?! All that good stuff will be covered.
  • How To Properly Expose A Photo
    • Once we have the terms down, how to they relate to each other? We will work through how to set your aperture, shutter speed and ISO to get the look you want with your photos.
  • Lighting.. a lot of talk about lighting…
    • How to use natural light when outdoors versus indoors. (ie: backlighting, window lighting, etc.). Using natural reflectors and artificial ones to achieve proper lighting! Using flash! We will cover it all!
  • Ideal Shooting Conditions!
    • Ever heard of Golden Hour? Well let’s chat about why it is the best time for photos and what it is you should be looking for as a photographer to make sure every situation is ideal for shooting.
  • Taking Your Photos To The Next Level
    • White Balance, Composing, Layering, Framing. All these things take your photos from good to great! We will discuss them all and see examples of what they look like!
  • Basic Editing.
    • Lightroom and Photoshop, even iPhones can be intimidating to edit photos on if you don’t know how to work them or you don’t even know what it is you should be editing. A filter can’t fix everything, but I can teach you to never need a filter again! You will see my entire editing process!
  • So. Much. More

The workshop will be a kept intimate so that every participant has a safe environment to learn. Questions will all be answered, hands on training will take place as well as one-on-one time for anyone who needs assistance! All information will be provided to participants in workbooks so you can continuously go back and study and learn more! There are only a few tickets available. To get early bird tickets for $75 off, click here!

See you all there!