Editing With Presets in Adobe Lightroom

Jan 23, 2019


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Most people think editing is the main factor in making images look how you want, but that isn’t true.

Sure, it can make a big impact. And editing with presets in Adobe Lightroom (what I use primarily to edit) can drastically change your photos. But it all starts with settings IN the camera.

That is the main purpose behind my online Photography Course. Learning to shoot in manual and make changes in camera to save yourself time when editing.

Now, does that mean I don’t edit my photos?


But I do minimally edit because I take the time to adjust settings in my camera. That is why today I want to show you lots of my completely raw, unedited images.

Below, you will see a series of photos. Each one is posted three times. That is because the image all the way to the left is completely raw and unedited. Straight out of camera! Then, the center photo is using a preset.

What is a preset?

It is something I created (and there are tons of different ones for purchase) in Adobe Lightroom and when I add it to a photo, it pastes the settings I selected. There are two presets I have created, one I call RRP Bright and the other I call RRP Deep.

The RRP Bright Preset is the photo in the center and most similar to my usual editing style. Bright, clean and minimal.

The RRP Deep Preset is all the way to the right and I don’t use this as often but love it for added depth, deeper tones and colors and a more contrasted look.

With both of these presets, I do not have a set white balance. I adjust that based on the image and not in the preset!

Also, you can notice that with some of the images the presets make a huge difference and drastic changes. With other images, it is very minimal.

Want to get my presets for yourself to use? You’re in luck! They are going to be apart of my Photography Course and you can join the waitlist now!

See, some changes can be small and some huge! Presets are a great way to customize your editing style!




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