Downtown Phoenix Wedding | Shea & Jackie Kearney

Mar 16, 2018


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If you remember from their Downtown Phoenix engagement session, Shea and I have known each other for 15+ years. It is wild to think about all the different chapters of each of our lives that the other has seen. Moving away from Arizona, moving back, different careers and jobs. Relationships and love. This last weekend I got to photograph his Downtown Phoenix Wedding to the love of his life and it was such a beautiful day.

Things didn’t necessarily go as planned. There was rain, the ceremony got moved inside and there was a fire. Yes, an actual fire! Before I get into all the sentimental things, let me start by sharing some of the incredibly fun things!

Jackie and Shea are a total power couple! She recently finished her exams in veterinary school and he is a firefighter just finishing his probation period. The two of them, both together and as individuals, are so hard working and talented! All day I was joking to Shea (because you’re able to do that after over a decade of friendship) that he did a great job proposing to Jackie. She is out of his league and he needed to lock that down 😉 I kid, I kid! I mentioned this joke to Jackie and, of course, she raved about how wonderful Shea is.

These two really bring out the best in each other. It is so obvious that they have a love that brings them comfort, challenges and (most importantly) a lot of joy. I am so grateful I was able to witness their special day through my camera and capture these memories for them! A year of planning and the day went a little differently than planned, but it was still absolutely perfect.

So, the fire. Yes! During the ceremony, at the best timing, there was a fire. Jackies uncle was doing a reading and I wish I remember exactly the line he said, but it was something about a volcano erupting or a similar metaphor! Then, poof! A small fire right on the table next to them, holding their marriage license and the envelope they were to seal their vows in!

Well, since Shea is a fire fighter, it was fitting for him to jump into work mode. He put it out quickly but got wax down his suit jacket and what I can imagine became a small blister or burn on his chin! As Jackie wiped the ash off his face, my favorite part of this whole moment was her reaction. Just pure laughter and the biggest smile you’ve ever seen!

What was going to be a ceremony outside overlooking their favorite city of Downtown Phoenix, was changed to an indoor option because of rain. Then, somehow at the perfect moment, a fire?! It was too funny to do anything but laugh at the situation. And, a little fun fact the guitarist told me after, there was more. As they couple walked down their aisle, now as Husband and Wife, he played ‘I’m On Fire’ by Bruce Springstein.

Now, I rarely share many reception photos on blog posts. But these two know how to throw a party! The dance floor was full! The band was incredible! And I got to see so many wonderful old friends!! What a great way to celebrate this next new chapter in their lives.

Jackie and Shea, I am so happy for you. I know that your marriage is going to thrive because you two so clearly are in love! The way you look at each other, hold each other and have fun together is so beautiful to witness. I love you both and cannot wait to see what the next 15+ years brings!
The amazing vendor team :

The best! Can every wedding be this eventful and fun?!