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May 17, 2018


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Recently, I shared some of my favorite things to do in Downtown Gilbert. One of the best little suburbs of Phoenix, in my opinion! Well, what I am sharing today is Downtown Chandler!

Chandler has developed SO much! I don’t think there used to be anything there. Just houses and the arts center, but it was never a place to go do stuff. Well, that has changed.

Downtown Chandler has so many great things now! It actually has become one of my favorite little spots in Phoenix. Which is good, cause I live in Chandler. So it is pretty easy to get there!

While it isn’t as large as Downtown Gilbert (yet) and it still has a little ways to go, there are a few great spots. Especially for a date night or time out with friends! So I am going to share some of my favorites places to eat and drink in Downtown Chandler!

Places to Eat & Drink :

  • Original ChopShop Chandler :
    • Now, when I say drink here.. I mean a green juice. Or something healthy like that! Which is good because honestly, their Power Green juice is one of my absolute favorite things. But this is a perfect lunch spot because it is healthy but incredibly filling! Plus, they sell cute little goodies at the front of the store!
  • The Perch :
    • This is a great spot when it is nice and cool outside. AKA, not summer in AZ. But when the weather is nice, this is the place to be! With outside seating and birds everywhere, it makes you feel like you aren’t even in Arizona anymore. They have all kinds of craft beer and yummy snacks too!
  • San Tan Brewery :
    • Okay, this place is the best. I know because they cater weddings at my favorite Downtown Chandler wedding venue (Heyyyy SoHo63!) a lot and I am always so stoked when they do! Because that means I get San Tan for dinner! When I am not working and just going there with friends or family I always make sure to get a coconut mojito. Refreshing and soooo so good.

And, one more! Peixoto Coffee! I am not a coffee drinker but I LOVE it there! The whole environment is so cool and it is one of my favorite places to grab a tea, set up my computer and get work done.

Well, there you have it! Some of my favorite places in the developing Downtown Chandler! Enjoy!