December Lows & Highs

Dec 18, 2017

How did 2017 go so quickly? And how do I end up thinking that at the end of every year that it went by too fast?! This year has been a wonderful one full of so many great moments. So, this month I am sharing my lows and highs a little early in the month. This is because I will share my yearly highlights next week, and some holiday photos!

Similar to last month, let’s keep it positive! I am going to only do one low this month..

  • Illness. Yup, I got sick. Incredibly! I don’t even remember the last time I got this sick. What I thought was just some mild allergies quickly turned into a full blown awful cold. Sinus congestion, pressure galore and aches and pains like nobody’s business. The amount of mucinex, sudafed and nyquil I took over the course of about three days was a lot. But thankfully, I kicked it in the butt, slept a lot and am feeling great now!

Now, let’s get onto the highs of the month!

  • Fundamentals of Photography Workshop – The beginning of this month is when I hosted my SOLD OUT workshop! It was so much fun to see people have ‘a ha’ moments and improve in their skills. Check out a full recap of the workshop here!
  • Bloom and Blueprint Intern Education – To finish up their fall internship, the Bloom and Blueprint team had me come in to present to their interns. I got to talk to them about wedding photography and how important it is for a wedding day. Also, I am now taking on interns for Spring 2018! Get more info for that here.
  • New York!!! – My favorite city in the world, as you may know from this summer. Well my bestie and I went back again!! I will share a whole blog post on that trip soon but until then, make sure you’re following me on instagram for all the pics.

Now, onto 2018!! What will this year have in store?!