The Personal Best Of 2017

Dec 27, 2017

When looking back on 2017, it is easy to narrow down my personal highlights. Not because there wasn’t a lot going on this year. Actually, the exact opposite. There were so many huge and memorable moments, that I can’t look past them. Of course, there are a lot of little things that happened in between all of these moments, but I want to share with you the key moments that made this year what it was. I strive to be grateful every month and share that with you through my lows and highs, but this post is special. This is just a round up of the yearly best! The real goal with this post in particular is to make sure I am looking at each year and seeing why it was the best one yet. 2015 was wonderful, 2016 was even better but this year was the best.

So, let’s strive to make next year even better than this one! If that is even possible! Here is the breakdown of some of the most memorable moments.

  • Learning I was going to become an auntie (again!) to my sister and her husbands first baby! From their announcement, to their maternity photos, the baby shower and every moment in between. #MissEMartin coming into this world is absolutely the highlight of my year.
  • All the time spent with our other nieces and nephews is even more precious now. Seeing how quickly they grow, how much they change and what impressive people they are becoming. It is such a gift to witness! Plus, being the fun aunt is the best.

  • There were some very VERY memorable trips this year! Palm Springs with the B+B Squad was such a fun girls trip. I went to California a few times. Sometimes to visit my bestie, and he and his mom came to AZ to see me. Sometimes to do a classic LA trip. And while I didn’t go back to Chicago this year, I did perform again for the first time in a long time. The Musical CHICAGO did the trick to get my Chicago itch scratched.

  • Of course, staying at home was just as great as traveling. We went to baseball games, shows, weddings. Hung out with family! Celebrated holidays (like my favorite, Halloween). And cuddled Oso every day! That pup is the best.

  • My favorite city in the world is NYC. There are three amazing things that happened there this year. Well, 10 if you count all the Broadway shows I saw. The first is when John and I went this summer! Here is a recap of that trip! Then I posted another post on our anniversary of the wonderful photos by Krista Lajara Photography that we had done while there. The third amazing thing in NYC this year was my most recent trip with my friend Katie, that will be blogged in January!

  • Finally, all the work I did this year. It is hilarious to consider what I do “work” because I just love it so much. From styled shoots, engagements, weddings, weddings and more weddings, I have loved every moment of using my camera. Working on my own business model and plans, being a part of the team at Monique Hessler Weddings and seeing how I have grown and changed this year as a person and professional has been amazing.

  • And, the most consistent part of what makes every year great… this guy.

Alright friends, let us see what next year has in store!