November | Questions & Answers

Nov 29, 2017

You have sent me your questions, whether it be on instagram, facebook or through my website and I am here to give you some answers! The purpose of these monthly blog posts are to give you the advice and help you need! Or, sometimes just give you a glimpse into my life. Questions are open to whatever you want to learn about! Photography questions, wedding related things, all things entrepreneurship or even what my favorite ice cream flavor is. (Cookie dough, for the record). So if you don’t see your question answered this month, make sure to contact me and get it in a future post!

  • What do you think is the single most important aspect of taking a good picture?
  • Well, let me start with this, there are a lot of elements to a good photo! All the elements of photography affect the others. If you completely change your aperture, it changes it photo so you may need to change your shutter speed too. Adding a reflector or flash can change what your ISO needs to be at! There are so many factors to consider. If this all sounds intimidating to you, the first thing I would do is tell you to look into this workshop! Then I would go back and answer your question from my opinion. Focus! As much as I try to nail every shot in camera and limit my time editing, most things can be achieved in post production when editing. You can brighten a photo, darken it, adjust highlights and white balance. BUT you cannot edit something to be in focus if it isn’t in focus when the photo is taken. You can crop for composition, you can edit your heart out, but if it is blurry then it is blurry. So focus is key! But also, learn it all 😉
  • How do you define your style of photography? Do you have a recommendation for someone trying to find their own style?
  • I would say that my style is posed-candid and true to eye. When I say posed candid, I mean I don’t like posed photos that look like they belong in your senior year book, but I also don’t expect people to be completely comfortable in front of the camera without some guidance in how to pose most flattering! So I help with poses but I also make sure they are natural for my clients and they look and feel comfortable and add some candid moments to it! I would say my photography is pretty ‘true to eye’ in a way that I don’t edit very much! My goal is to make my photos look like the real moment that was captured, only enhanced.
  • How did you and John meet?!
  • Oh my gosh, you know I love writing sappy posts about John. Well, we recently celebrated our three year anniversary. You can see how we reconnected by reading our one year anniversary post here! But we originally met when I was still in high school through mutual friends at a party!

Send me your questions for next month!