November Lows & Highs

Nov 27, 2017

Each month I like write a wrap up of the month with my lows and highs! Things that happened in my personal and professional life that made this month memorable. To see last months posts, click here. Or you can go back to where it all began with this post! For this months lows and highs I am going to keep the lows to a minimum and the highs dedicated toward gratitude. You know, because of Thanksgiving and all that good turkey stuff.

So, let’s get started with the lows. Or, for this month, the low. Yes, we are keeping it singular and narrowing it down!

  • So many of you probably didn’t know that I had a part-part-time job! This was just a job I got originally for fun and I ended up sticking around because I loved the place, the co-workers and the kids I worked with! I went into work only two days a week and was able to teach children musical theatre and performing arts. It was so much fun! The unfortunate reason this is the low of the month is because the studio I worked at is now closed. It is a bittersweet thing because it is the push I needed to give my own business my 100% focus! But it is sad because I no longer have those two days a week to go play and sing with kiddos and be working with people I have built friendships with! Oh well, onward and upward!

Now, the highs full of gratitude for the month!

  • As sad as it is that my sister and her husband are both back at work after having their baby girl, I now am a ‘stay-at-home-auntie’. That’s right! I get Auntie and Emmy days every single week! If you follow me on instagram, you get a glimpse of her cute baby smiles on my story all the time!
  • This month I finished out my final wedding of the fall season! I got to shoot alongside my team with Monique Hessler Weddings and it was absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait go back and see post about my yearly highlights from this entire year. There have been some seriously amazing weddings and couples I have gotten work photograph!
  • Last, but certainly not least, John and I celebrated three years of dating. We weren’t going to do anything for our anniversary because he had to work on that day, I have a wedding the day before, and he was out of town the entire week leading up to it. But he came home early and we got a whole day together! (Which is rare!) We got brunch at one of our favorite spots, had our first couples massage, saw a movie (Justice League), went out to dinner and had the best day ever. Three years with this guy has been the best. Read my sappy post to him here.

Let’s see what the final month of 2017 has in store!