Ideal Client Breakdown

Nov 22, 2017

Let’s start with this, what is an ‘Ideal Client’? Well, to put it frankly, it is the client you want to hire you. The type of person that is varies for every business! Today I will break down an ideal client from my perspective and my business as a wedding photographer. For some people, they may say an ideal client is anyone that wants to pay them! But I would argue that going about it that way is dangerous in the long run. You may not be the right fit for a client in the same way that they may not be the right fit for you. So instead of thinking you want to be hired by anyone and everyone willing you pay you, let’s talk about getting a more specific client.

Think of your ideal client as more than just a person with a budget, no matter how large or modest that budget may be. Think of them outside your realm of work too! Sure, I think of the type of wedding my ideal clients have, but I also think of things like where do they shop, how do they spend their free time, what are their priorities and what makes them happy! This is key to marketing to those clients! How? Well, I don’t market in the wedding world that much. Sure I will hashtag Arizona Wedding Photographer and things like that, but I do most of marketing by word of mouth. That is because I put myself in the places I know my clients will be! More often than wedding hashtags, I use hashtags about traveling! About my dog! About things I know I can relate to potential clients with that goes deeper than just their wedding.

How does it help my client experience? Well, I get to connect with people on their wedding and so much more. I have couples who message me when they go to Disney because we have a shared loved for Mickey Mouse! I have clients who email me about traveling to Paris or Japan or one of the many places they’ve seen me go to get recommendations on activities there! Many of my clients have become so much more than clients, they have become friends.

To me, that is what an ideal client is. Yes, someone who is going to have a beautiful wedding. But that is because they have a beautiful love story! They are clients who are able to become friends. I am so lucky that I no longer ever feel like I am ‘working’ when I shoot a wedding because I feel like an honorary bridal party member instead! I feel like I know my clients so well because we connect on way more than just photography.

So I encourage you to think about what type of person your ‘ideal client’ is! Is it someone big into fitness? Make sure everyone at your gym knows you are the photographer to go to!! Is it someone who prioritizes their religion and faith? Make sure to network with all your church friends! Is it someone who is a fashion guru? Email those local boutiques and put up your business cards! There is a lot more to marketing than just paid advertising and there is a lot more payoff when working with friends versus just someone who is willing to pay you. Instead, they value you!

If you feel stuck in a rut with your business and are looking for some more specific one on one mentoring, let’s chat!