Email Templates | How To Keep Your Inbox Clear! For FREE!

Dec 6, 2017

There are two types of people in this world. Ones that have a few email notifications on there phone throughout the week, working to keep up to date on them all. And then the others. The ones who have hundreds if not thousands of emails left unread in their inbox! Whoa. Those second kind of people stress me out. Don’t even tell me if you are one of them, I will have anxiety on your behalf and I just can’t add that to my plate. Me? Well, I rarely have more than a few email notifications on my phone EVER! So, today I want to give you a few ways to keep your inbox organized and clear. The final tip I am giving you today is a free download with email templates I use for my business that you can customize yourself! Trust me, it is a game changer!

  • Starting things off, lets make sure to organize the email addresses! That is, of course, assuming you have multiple accounts. I have two personal email accounts (one is just really old, it rarely receives mail!), so those are in the general mail app on my iPhone. Then I have an email for my volunteer work on the board of Anytown Leadership Camp, that is a gmail account and instead of hooking it up to my mail app, I have it in a separate gmail app. This is because I personally like my work and personal emails separate. Then I have my work email (, this is what I use the most. This is how clients contact me, other photographers, vendors and industry professionals. This email is through outlook and it has its own app too. So yes, my phone has three different email apps but it is organized!

  • Secondly, you need folders. Within each email account I have folders like ‘subscriptions’, ‘receipts’, ‘personal’ and the if a email doesn’t fall into one of my categories I either make a new folder for it or I just archive the email! Now, if I receive an email, open and read it, and know I will have a chance to respond within 24 hours, I simply mark it as ‘unread’. That way, I still have the notification on my phone and can get back to it later! If I am able to respond immediately, I do. Then the email gets categorized or archived, but there is an exception to this. If I know I am going to be pulling up that email soon then I do something else! Things like flight reservations, timelines for events happening the upcoming weekend, things like that. Those emails get left in my main inbox and flagged, then I can pull them up quickly when they are needed before I use the categorize/archive system.


  • The third, and final piece of inbox I have for you is this.. use templates. That is, if you are a business owner like me, or someone that regularly gets the same emails, think about how much time you spend typing out the same information! If I say down and typed out everything for each wedding inquiry, my fingers would fall off. Well, maybe I am being dramatic, but still! If I wrote out all the information every time someone emailed me about wanting to take my photography workshop, I’d be sick of it. So instead, I use templates. Then you can simply copy and paste your response response. I then spend no more than a few quick minutes adding in details and personalizing the email. Boom! Done! Simple as that!

Now, these templates went out to my newsletter peeps last month! So if you want to be the first to access these freebie downloads and make sure you don’t miss out, subscribe here! And for more tips, check out the ‘for creatives’ page on my site! There are lots of blog posts with helpful tips – like this one about ideal clients. Or this one answers some recent questions I was asked!

If you want to spend less time in your inbox and more time living your life, I encourage you to get a system in place that works for you! And to help, click here to download the free email templates!