27 Things You May Not Know About Me!

Mar 5, 2018


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With this blog, I am always trying to challenge myself to share more and be as personal and real as possible. If it connects with anyone, that’s the best! Throughout these past few years of blogging, I have shared with you many personal stories. And since I just celebrated my 27th birthday I thought I’d do something extra to connect with you. Today, I am sharing 27 things you might not know about me!

Of course, you if you have been a reader all along, you may know some of these things! But many of them have never been shared here or on any social media! So, let’s dive right in and get to know each other a little more!

  1. Lets start off easy. I collect records! Yes, vinyl records! This collection started when I was gifted old records from each of my parents! So the majority of mine are from them but I also collect newer artists who I love.
  2. You probably know that John and I have recently celebrated 3 years together. What you don’t know is we actually met when I was 16! Yeah, we have known each other that long! How we met? That’s a whole different story.
  3. Somehow I have gone all 27 years of my life without breaking a bone! Well, toes. But that’s it! Knock on wood!
  4. One of my greatest memories was climbing Mount Fuji in Japan! Where I climbed a mountain with Wolverine. Yup!! Hugh Jackman and I climbed a mountain together. For real.
  5. I was three years old when my parents started me in dance lessons. Some of my favorite memories are doing daddy daughter dances with my big brother! That leads me to my next one…
  6. My brother is 16 years older than me! My sister was 13 when I was born. So I have nephews graduating high school. My family has weird age dynamics but as we’ve grown older, we have just gotten closer and closer.
  7. At age 18, I moved from Phoenix to Orlando thanks to the Walt Disney World College Program!
  8. I started my College Program working at Soarin’ Over California and made life long friendships and made amazing memories.
  9. After I worked at Soarin’, I moved to Entertainment. I continued working with Disney Entertainment for over 4 years. Now, I am not going to get into any specifics, because I believe in the magic! BUT! I will say I danced in some of their parades and shows and made the best memories with some royal friends.
  10. I honestly think I have a Dr. Pepper addiction. I need it to survive.
  11. Back in my middle school and early high school days, I was competing in dance! The main company that I competed with was called Extreme Team and we did hip-hop and break dance. Yes, I was a competitive break dancer. I’d probably pull a muscle now but at the time, it was amazing.
  12. Maybe it was the years of dancing, but everything on me cracks! My knees, my back, my neck. Snap, crackle and pop! I’m also double jointed in all the knuckles in my hands and feet. It’s actually super weird and alien like but a great party conversation.
  13. I was 20 years old when I moved to Japan! Talk about memories. The most wonderful culture and country. I miss it all the time and am so thankful for the time I spent there! John and I went to visit three years ago and I can’t wait for another trip back.
  14. The first tattoo I got was on my 23rd birthday while I was living in Japan! It was to commemorate my climb of Mount Fuji. The second tattoo was this rose one. I think I’m ready for tattoo number 3 soon… Sorry Mom!
  15. Somehow I am allergic to baby oil, oranges and avocados. The worst part is I developed the avocado allergy! So I have tried it, I have eaten guac and I know what I am missing out on.
  16. When I was little and would be asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I had a weird response. Well, not so much weird as it is funny for a little kid to say, I wanted to voice cartoons. How I even realized that it was a job, I don’t know. I never pursued this and I can’t do any character voices, but it is still a fun thing to think about!
  17. My first car was a Volkswagen Beetle that I got in high school with Daisy rims. Miss Daisy was her name and I miss her so much!!! It was my dream car and I love her. Even with all the break downs, expensive repairs and constant breaking air conditioning.. I loved her!
  18. Now, it has been a few years since I have done it, but I used to be able to quote the entire first Pirates of The Caribbean movie. I bet I still have at least 75% of it stuck in my brain somewhere.
  19. After moving back to Arizona from Japan, I was going to stay with my sister and her boyfriend for the summer. Now, that is my sister and her husband.. and we still live together.. 4 years later. My sister, her husband, their baby, John, our three dogs and me. One big happy family! It sound chaotic and crazy but everyone who knows us sees that it makes perfect sense. It really works great!
  20. The first camera I remember owning was a polaroid camera with a hot pink flash on it. It was Spice Girls themed.
  21. So the Dr. Pepper addiction is real but something else that I love and cravvvve (just not daily) is Rainbow Chip frosting. No, not funfetti! Rainbow Chip. It was brought back by popular demand and I eat it by the spoonful. Mmmm.
  22. Somehow, I have never ran the mile. In High School, my physical activity class was Dance. Since I was never in the beginning dance class, I didn’t have to run. In middle school, my electives were choir and exploratory classes. So the last time I ran was in Elementary School… probably for the Turkey Trot. Did anyone else do the Turkey Trot? And let’s be honest, I probably ran a lap or two then walked.
  23. As a 27 year old woman, I sleep with a teddy bear. What of it?! Sorry, I don’t know why I got defensive there. Yes, I sleep with a teddy. I have my whole life! He moved to Florida with me, then Japan and Chicago. He has a little incident with one of the dogs and got some reconstructive surgery.
  24. My sister refers to me as a one woman show in the car. Well, really in life! I interpretive dance, sing all the parts and get INTO IT. You know? I have done this my whole life. As a matter of fact, I have so many home videos of me singing and dancing. The favorite one among my family is one where I sing the Barney “I Love You” song… in spanish. The funny part? I didn’t know Spanish. Nobody in my family speaks it, I don’t know why I thought I could, but I just made up words and performed.
  25. The digital camera I used in middle school and even the beginning of high school was one with a floppy disk as the memory card! I wish I still had it just to see how far the technology has come.
  26. My performing continued in high school with dance, theatre and speech and debate. I was apart of my schools Speech and Debate team and placed in state finals for Prose Interpretation. This means nothing to anyone who doesn’t know about Speech and Debate but I loved it! Public speaking has never been a problem for me, thanks to this program! I also had some of the best coaches around and learned amazing lessons from them.
  27. Lastly, you probably know how much I love Hamilton (and a lot of Broadway shows). But I once had a dream that I met my hero Lin Manuel Miranda and in this dream, I cried and told him that it was on my bucket list to hug him. We hugged and I woke up. I have never had a bucket list before, but now I do… and the number one thing on that list is to hug Lin Manuel.

So, there it is! 27 things you may not have known about me! Do you agree with any of them?! Tell me how we relate to each other!